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If you have a Zeltbahn and would like to contribute to the information presented on this site, please take a close look at your Zeltbahn and answer the questions below. Please send me your answers and any other information you may have.

  1. What shape is the Zeltbahn - triangular, square or a different shape?
  2. What colour is it or which camouflage patterns does it have? - e.g. plain (please state colour such as red-brown, brown, grey or green) or camouflage (please state pattern, e.g. dark/light splinter, Oak A/B, plane tree/overprint, Leibermuster, blurred edge pattern) material.
  3. What type of buttons does it have? 3- or 4-hole aluminium or steel, riveted, Bakelite, pressed fibre or wooden, for example.
  4. Does it have a manufacturer's stamp? Please state the name or R.B.-Nr. (if legible) or none.
  5. What is the year of manufacture? - Please state none, illegible or year.
  6. Does the Zeltbahn have any unit or organisation issue stamps?
  7. How many aluminium or steel eyes does it have at the top, lower corners and lower middle?
  8. Does it have a different number or arrangement of button holes than the standard types described in the types and variants section?

Any information provided will be used to expand the manufacturer listing section and, in the long term, will help to develop an overview on types and variants.

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