Zeltbahn shelter quarters

The Zeltbahn, or German shelter quarter, is an item of basic military equipment that was produced in millions, but which does not seem to receive the same attention as many other aspects of military history. The purpose of this website is to provide the most comprehensive reference source on Zeltbahn shelter quarters used by the German armed forces of World War 1 and World War 2, including types, variants, accessories and their use in pictures and words and to provide information not previously available in published form.

This is very much a work in progress. As time permits, it will grow to cover derivatives and related items used by other nations throughout the twentieth century. Please visit regularly to follow new developments as more information and images are added. Aspects yet to be covered include:

Spelling and terminology

Where appropriate, German terms are used together with explanatory translations. German plural nouns are also used to avoid creating artificial German plural nouns in English. For those not familiar with German, plurals are generally formed by adding -n or -en to the singular noun, e.g. Zeltbahnen. Salient terms and irregular plurals are explained and summarised in the glossary section.


The information presented here is intended for historical and research purposes only. The author has no intention to glorify war, nor does he promote or support any extreme political, neo-nazi or revisionist beliefs or ideology whatsoever.

Disclaimer pursuant to German § 86a StGB

Die hier gezeigten Informationen zu zeitgeschichtlichen und militärischen Gegenständen aus der Zeit 1933-1945 dienen nur zu Zwecken der Staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung, der Abwehr verfassungsfeindlicher Bestrebungen, der wissenschaftlichen und kunsthistorischen Forschung, der Aufklärung oder der Berichterstattung über die Vorgänge des Zeitgeschehens oder der militärhistorischen und uniformkundlichen Forschung (§ 86a StGB). Zweck der Bereitstellung dieser Informationen ist ein Nachschlagewerk für militärhistorisch Interessierte.

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